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Welcome to the Area Q Fall Playoffs 2018!

NO PETS are to be present at any AYSO games, except for properly identified service animals.


For Area playoffs, referees are not to sign up for any game involving a team from their home region. However, the Area Referee Administrator reserves the right to move or assign referees based on the need of the area and in the best interest of AYSO and Area 11 Q.

Don't have a referee account? Please contact your Region's Referee Administrator to be setup in MatchTrak




 12.8 Tie break procedures 

      12.8.1 In the event more than two teams are tied: When one or more teams are eliminated at a level and two or more teams are still tied, the remaining teams restart the tie-break procedure. 
      12.8.2 Tie break criteria 
          a.      Head-to-head 
          b.      Goal differential - 3 goal max 
          c.      Goals against - 3 goal max
          d.      Goals for - 3 goal max

      12.8.3 The area director or program director has the authority to make the final decision with regard to tie breakers
       13.1 Game duration shall be as listed below unless specified otherwise in the program rules.  
          13.1.1 U9 & U10: Two 25 minute halves 
          13.1.2 U11 and older: Two 30 minute halves 
      13.2 Scoring and tie break for pool play games shall be as listed in the section “Scoring and Reporting of Games”.

      13.3 Playoff pool games may end in a tie, unless noted otherwise. 

      13.4 In elimination or medal round games, ties will be decided with two full five (5) minute extra time periods to determine a winner. Sudden victory or “golden goal” will not be played.

          13.4.1 Teams playing short in regulation time as a result of a send-off(s) shall continue to do so in overtime. 
          13.4.2 The teams shall change ends of the field after the completion of the first overtime period. The second overtime period begins immediately after the end of the first extra time period. 
      13.5 Should a tie remain after the completion of extra time, the winner shall be determined by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with the Laws of the Game.

      13.6 As deemed by the referee, area director or program director, if there is not sufficient time for the overtime periods (due to darkness or delaying the start of the next game) the game will be decided by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark. 

      13.7 In case of field closures an alternate schedule will be provided if possible. If the medal games cannot be completed the final area standings will be determined by the final league standings


Please be a good host and a respectful guest; be courteous around homes neighboring the fields and clean up when you leave.  


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